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Our add-ons for actionstep help you get up and running without the hassle of having to set up everything from scratch.

By using a standard approach we enable integration with third parties.


WorkCloud Applications' Conveyancing Add-on for actionstep is a new conveyancing system that gives you incredible control over every stage of your sale, purchase and transfer transactions.

Specifically designed to work within actionstep, you will have access to a powerful range of features to streamline your conveyancing.

  • Includes over 170 conveyancing precedents, such as:
    • Discharge Forms
    • RTA Forms
    • BCCM Forms
    • QLD OSR Forms
    • REIQ Forms
    • Land Titles Forms
    • Communication Template to Agents, Brokers, Other side etc
  • Available for QLD and NSW. VIC coming in November!
  • Integrated Settlement and Stamp Duty Calculators so you don't have to re-type property details.
  • Over 100 different predefined date fields to capture the uniqueness of each transaction.
  • Support for 25 different matter participants, such as buyer, seller, another side, broker, agent, referrer, incoming/outgoing bank and more.
  • Automatically create PEXA Workspaces your matters without re-entering data (coming soon).
  • Provide buyers and sellers realtime status of their property transactions via integration with Houseroo (coming soon).

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Conveyancing workflow steps
Conveyancing workflow steps

Safe Custody

Safe Custody Icon

Record the storage of valuable items in actionstep.

Create single or multiple Safe Custody packets for a client, with the ability to track each individual item separately.

The workflow provides the ability to record the temporary removal and return of items in the safe custody add-on.

Use the inbuilt document templates or email template to help automate the storage of your client’s valuable items.

The Safe Custody Matter provides your clients with a secure online ‘Portal’ access to the items. You can also scan the Physical document (i.e. a Will/Deed) and upload the electronic copy for your client via the Actionstep Portal.

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate stamp duty for your property transactions. Integrates with our Conveyancing add-on for actionstep so you don't need to re-type property information, or you can use it standalone for free!

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Date Calculator

Use our free date calculator to quickly determine important dates based off of your transaction start date.

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Settlement Calculator

Calculate settlement fees for your property transactions. Integrates with our Conveyancing add-on for actionstep so you don't need to re-type property information.

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